Do you need travel insurance for your summer trips?

Give your family the gift of Global Peace of MindĀ® during this busy Holiday Travel Season with protection through one of the International Medical GroupĀ® Patriot Series of programs.

Patriot Travel Medical, provides travel medical coverage for US citizens traveling outside the US and Non US citizens traveling worldwide.

Our Patriot Executive Medical provides coverage for Executives who frequently travel. The Plan provides for US or Non US citizens who travel outside their home country for 30 day increments each time they depart for a 12 month period of coverage.

The Patriot Trip or Patriot Trip Elite programs provide trip cancellation insurance to protect their travels with in the US or internationally!

Global Medical Insurance has 3 options and is a 12 month annually renewable policy that provides coverage for US citizens and for Non US citizens traveling or residing worldwide on a long term basis.

For more information please contact us directly at 520-885-6623.